International news channels are 24-hour news television channels which cover international news updates on their newscast programmes. Most international news channels are broadcast on cable, satellite or the Internet, and many have diversified their staff by broadcasting to multiple large language markets. Like other means of news broadcasting, international news channels have become an increasingly fierce market of competition for invested parties; governments, for example, have often established and funded international news channels in order to propagate an angle on the news of the day from the perspective, and within the confines, of the government's official view, often in competition against more established competitors based inside or outside the government's borders. The first such channel of this kind was CNN which was launched in 1980, followed by Financial News Network in 1981 (closed 1991), HLN and Satellite News Channel in 1982 (closed 1983), NTV News24 (ja) in 1987 and Sky News, CBC News Network and TeleAsa Channel 2 News Sports (ja) in 1989. International news channels have also hired increasingly diverse staff members from outside the country of origin for various purposes.
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